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Our factory S.C. MILUX-MOB S.R.L. has a great experience in manufacturing solid wood furniture, wooden terraces, garden gazebos, pergolas, wooden swings, small garden houses, wooden houses, solid wood stairs, fences, wooden screens, wooden gates, wooden little garden bridges, wooden attics, wooden balconies, playground for children, wooden ornaments.


An excellent combination between elements of classical art and traditionalism supplemented with a natural and ecological look, quality, durability, uniqueness, and stile.

The prices of the wooden terraces, garden furniture or of any other services are not preset. They are considered in regard with the particular location or by taking into account the client’s demands.

We provide free assistance and we even come to your location in order to evaluate your requirements, to decide what kind of timber fits your demands, in order to present you an estimate of costs.

Tel RO: 0754200400 Tel EN:+40753137133


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